In particular, as a fashionista, Kanye West always creates new fashion trends with whatever items are worn on her body. Every time Kanye appears with new fashion accessories, countless people seek and want to own that accessory.

Therefore, the first pair of Yeezy was brought by Kanye West to the awards ceremony in 2009. It was also the first time Yeezy was released to the public. Thanks to Kanye West on her legs, Yeezy quickly received a lot of attention and curiosity. What a good start this is!

Yeezy’s journey to shine

In the early days, Yeezy was a collaboration between Kanye West and famous shoe brand Nike. The two have released many unique models together. However, the cooperation was not as sustainable as expected and was officially terminated in 2014. After that, Kanye West officially brought Yeezy under the “umbrella” of the adidas brand.

Since coming to Adidas, the Yeezy brand has had more opportunities to shine. Adidas gives consumers more opportunities to reach and get personalized Yeezy shoes. The later shoe models were further improved, helping to attract more sneakers to become fans of the brand “3 stripes”.


Yeezy 350v2 – legendary shoe line of Yeezy

Any follower of the Yeezy “3 stripes” shoe brand cannot help but know the Yeezy 350v2 shoe line. This is an innovative line of shoes from the Yeezy 350. With a somewhat weird appearance but extremely attractive, exuding a “like no one” look, Yeezy 350v2 always captures the love of young people and always out of stock as soon as it is released.

Previous versions of Yeezy 350 as well as Yeezy 350v2 always have a most indispensable feature is the words “SPLY – 350”. This text can be embroidered backwards or forwards, creating novel looks. “SPLY – 350” has become a distinctive characteristic of sneakers.

However, with recent shoe models, Yeezy has decided to remove this inscription and replace it with other looks to match the new trend. Although removing the text is considered an indispensable highlight of the shoe line, the Yeezy 350v2 still has its own unique, unmistakable appearance.


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