It is not easy to comfort someone whose relative has just passed away. Sending a sympathy card is one of the best ways to express your heartfelt feelings of condolence for their loss as well as let the recipient know how much you care about them.  Therefore, don’t hesitate to give them these special and thoughtful sympathy pop out card below. 

White Sympathy Lily 3D Card

Top 3 Special and Thoughtful Sympathy Pop Up Cards 
White Sympathy Lily 3D Pop Up Card

It is no coincidence that we put this greeting card on the top of the list. The 3d White Lily card is elegant with a white lily printed on a grey cover. It is a great mixture of many colors including white, green, and dark blue. When the receiver opens it, he or she can see a stunning model of beautiful white lily flowers blooming inside the card.  

Lily is an herbaceous flower. You can find it in many places on this planet. The white lily signifies rejuvenation, purity, sweet and innocent. It is also renowned as the notation of the Virgin Mary.  

This flower is often used at both weddings and funerals. You can give the White Lily hallmark greeting cards as a sympathy card to ease the pain of those who have been through a great loss.  

Daisy Vase 3D Cards

Top 3 Special and Thoughtful Sympathy Pop Up Cards 2
Daisy Vase 3D Pop Up Card

This is another option for you. The flower pop-out card is courteous with a neutral tone of grey and a printed image of a lovely daisy vase on its cover.  

Inside it is a three-dimensional illustration of a vase with sweet white daisies. The green leaves also make it more eye-catching. These flowers are so attractive that even butterflies come to enjoy them.  

The daisy is a symbol of Freya – the goddess of love, beauty in Norse mythology. It symbolizes innocence, purity, motherhood, and new beginnings.  

The beauty of daisy is also believed to bring peace to any soul. That is why this card is undoubtedly a perfect condolence card for the grieving person.  

In addition to that, you can use Daisy Vase box pop-up cards for other occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, retirement…  

Dove 3D Cards

Top 3 Special and Thoughtful Sympathy Pop Up Cards 3
Dove Pop Up Card

Are you looking for a meaningful gift that can appease the sorrow of your acquaintance? Maybe this box pop-up card with pigeon is exactly what you need. 

White dove’s image has an important meaning which is associated with many religions all around the world. People release this animal and consider it a positive symbol of unity and peace.   

In the bible, doves were described as innocent and sweet birds. They are signs of wholesome brothership between humans. The white pigeon also represents purity, honor, and prosperity.  

Besides, this creature embodies the concept of inspiration and imagination. If doves build their nest in your area, it means that light and happiness will come home.  

With the simulation of white pigeons striking on a light blue background, this 3D card is an ideal way to express your sympathy messages and deeply sorry for someone’s loss. 


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