We all have to go through some tough times in our lives. It is not easy at all, especially for a sensitive person like your girl, right? Let her know that you always stand with her during these periods by sending her one of the most inspiring encouragement pop-up gift cards for girls below.

Blue Morpho Butterfly 3D Pop Up Card

Most Inspiring Encouragement Pop Up Gift Cards for Girls 
Blue Morpho Butterfly 3D Pop Up Card

If you want to ramp up the motivation for your girl, you can give her this lovely Butterfly template. It has a blue cover with a laser-cut butterfly. Inside the card is an amazing Blue Morpho Butterfly with iridescent blue and black wings. She is perching relaxingly upon a white flower. What a wonderful scene that can mesmerize any receiver.
The Blue Morpho is one of the rarest butterflies in the world. This animal is a symbol of change or rebirth. Its symbolic meaning is also related to the vibration of joy, transformation, hope, and happiness.
Therefore, the Blue Morpho Butterfly 3D card can not only be a stunning gift choice for any recipient but also a warm encouragement greeting card for a loved one who needs your love and support.

Magical Unicorn 3D Pop Up Card

Most Inspiring Encouragement Pop Up Gift Cards for Girls 2
Magical Unicorn 3D Pop Up Card

Continue with a 3d Unicorn motivational card. The cover of the card is impressive with a blue-sky color and a striking laser-cut image of a unicorn.
Upon opening the card, your girl will be amazed by a simulation of a beautiful unicorn galloping across the top of a cloud. He is going to fly above a colorful rainbow. The inner corners of this 3D card are also adorned with intricate floral and star motifs.
The unicorn in European folklore is portrayed as a white horse with a long silver horn and wings. This animal symbolizes freedom, magic, purity, innocence, and healing, positivity, joy, hope, and happiness.
Whether it is a special occasion or not, you can use this adorable Magical Unicorn pop-out card as a thoughtful gift to cheer your sweetheart on. Let her know that you are always with her no matter what happens.

Ladybug 3D Pop Up Card

Most Inspiring Encouragement Pop Up Gift Cards for Girls 3
Ladybug 3D Pop Up Card

Looking for a more awesome encouragement card? This Ladybug pop-out pattern can be a great choice for your consideration. Inspired by nature, its design is unique with a green background and a 3d model of an adorable red ladybug. He is enjoying his relaxing moments on a leaf.
This little animal has many symbolic meanings. For example, if someone sees a Ladybug in their dreams, it’s a harbinger of luck and their wishes may come true soon. Apart from good fortune, a Ladybug can even bring romantic love and life force. Many believe that when a Ladybug lands on you, a new start, a new relationship, or a renewed joy is heading to you.
The Ladybug popup card is definitely one of the best ways for you to encourage the one you care about. You can also write her your own cheering messages in the blank inside this wonderful card.

Anna Hummingbird Pop Up card

Most Inspiring Encouragement Pop Up Gift Cards for Girls 4
Anna Hummingbird Pop Up card

Last but not least is a sweet card with Anna Hummingbird’s pop-up figure. It features an outstanding blue cover and white background. However, the thing that makes this card special is its charming 3D illustration of a small hummingbird enjoying the nectar of a yellow flower.
The Anna’s hummingbird is a famous bird that was named after Anna Massena – a 19th-century French duchess. It signifies warmth, love, and innocence. In some cultures, hummingbirds are also described as healers and light-bringers.
With all the meanings above, we believe that the Anna Hummingbird 3d card is surely a meaningful present as well as a great encouragement to give the one you love.


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