According to the opinion of the Orient, wearing jewelry or any other object should have a little understanding of the destiny to choose for yourself the right jewelry.

We all want the things we bring with us will bring many good things and good luck. And especially with gemstone jewelry, it is always thought that it will bring luck and happiness. But also need to note some points to choose to buy gems that suit your destiny.

Normally, according to feng shui, the five elements of mutual birth, mutuality is also a rule. There are regulations on many aspects of the five elements, including color. Using jewelry indiscriminately, not following the color of the five elements to suit the wearer’s destiny, will bring bad luck to them. On the contrary, if wearing stone jewelry in the right color for the destiny, it will bring health, luck and prosperity to the wearer.blank

1. What stone should KIM wear to people?

The destined Kim should wear gems as follows: It is best to be born: Kim is born of earth. Soil produces gold and silver, so earth colors such as dark gold, brown earth, and fossil wood are used such as tiger’s eye. Carving: Kim will be able to carve the wood. The subject is a metal person who will be able to carve the stone you wear with green tones.
The Fate of the Kim wears gemstones of the following colors:
– Mutual life: dark yellow stone, brown earth, tiger eye
– Harmony: silver, white, bright yellow
– Carving: greenblank

2. What stone should MOCC wear for people?

In order for the destitute Moc to be healthy, lucky, prosperous, and prosperous, it is very important to choose to buy a fate stone according to the color of the five elements. The person who is destined to wear gems should wear gemstones as follows: To be compatible: Hydroponics. The best stone color for the carpenter is water color, including: black, navy, blue, and blue. To be compatible: Mesopotamia becomes Lam. There are many trees that are forest. Harmony with the destiny Moc is the color Moc, including: fossil wood, green. To carve the stone: The people of the Moc Moc can process Tho, including dark yellow, brown earth, and fossil wood. Thus wearing a Earth color stone, the carpenter is safe and not worried.
The Moc Moc is wearing natural stone jewelry of the following colors:
– Mutability: black, blue, blue, blue
– Compatibility: wood, green
– Tame: dark yellow, brown earth, fossils.blank

3. What stone should THO wear for people?

Earth’s fate when everything is burned, will become ash, dust, earth, sand. So ASK will give birth to THAT. Therefore, the Earth people should use the gemstones of the fire color, they will be born. These are the colors: RED, HONG, and TIN. There is a saying: “Dual Tho becomes Son”. If they use a stone of the color of GOLDEN SOURCE, it will be very good for them, because people and stones of the same destiny have compatibility. Rock and water dominate water. Tho destined people will be able to tame the colored stones of the element of Water, BLACK, BLUE, SEA.
The Tho people will be able to use gems with the following colors:
– To be compatible: color RED, PINK, TIN (Fire)
– To be in harmony: earthy color, deep yellow. (Earth)
– To counter: BLACK, GREEN (WATER).


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